Services, Guidelines & Prices

“Skilled labor is not cheap, and cheap labor is not skilled”

We work on several thousand firearms a year.  We do it quickly and correctly the first time because your gun has to work, it had to be reliable because you may be called to use it to defend yourself once you leave our training facility. Our prices are higher because of our level of service, attention to detail and turn around time are unmatched in the gun industry. This is why we cost a bit more because if it has happened, we have probably seen it.

Some things to consider, we have a limited time to get all of the guns fixed that present to us in the morning of Day, 1 (0630 to 0820) that gives you 10 minutes to get to the range for check in at 0830.  That could be for 250 students or up to 1,000 students showing up on day 1. 

Lunch of Day 1, 12:30-14:20 back on the range by 14:30

On the days that you do not have a lecture after lunch gives us exactly 1 hour to get all of the guns presented done.  If you come by to ask us if we can put XXX on your gun but left it in the car, we are going to ask you to go get the rifle/ gun/ shotgun so we can clearly see what we are dealing with.  If you are going to ask if we can put sights on, or perform some task on your gun, bring the gun with you. Because the answer is 95% of the time going to be yes we can do that or can figure something out,  get you a ticket written up and get working on said gun or problem right away. If you want something done, bring it in at the beginning of lunch so we can write you up a ticket and you can go eat while we triage your firearm. If you go eat first, then bring the gun in, you may not have it back in time to get to the range, but we will still work on it, and call your range to come by and collect it up.  It just wastes time to not have it with you when you show up, and time is not a commodity we have to spare to get you back on the range so you don’t miss out on the training. Also, if you are having feeding, firing or cycling issues bring some of the ammo you were using when this was happening, many times it is the ammo’s fault, and we can check that first saving you money and time.  Bring a loaded magazine so we can test fire the gun to see if the sights are really off or we need to fix the shooter.

*It is also a great idea to Bring a backup weapon in case your whizbang trigger fails at weapon inspection because it is found to be too light, and bring the stock parts that were changed out.

A back up is a good idea if your gun goes down during the course and can’t be fixed here on site.


At weapons inspection, our dedicated and highly trained range staff are in place to check your weapons, make sure they are functioning correctly, safeties are working and intact, carried safely in the holster and the bore is free of any obstruction. They are really good at this job because the first person to actually press the trigger on a live round in your gun is a staff member on the range.  Part of their job is to locate or detect any anomalies with the guns, like light triggers, deactivated grip safeties, no operative or removed safeties, non-functioning safeties and in the cases of you LEFT HANDED  1911 shooters you MUST have an ambidextrous safety in order to use the gun on the range.

We use electronic trigger gages by Lyman and certified NRA weights to check triggers.  It must be 4lbs or above. If it is found to be under 4 lbs, it must be either fixed (with cost / labor and or parts) or disqualified and not used on Front Sight Property until it is brought up to weight and checked by FSGR staff.

*Precision rifles being used in the Precision rifle class are exempt from this requirement, although they must be safe and not fire on vigorous racking of the bolt or when bumped on the stock.




Glock pistols.

Slide stops are about 25.00 + tax installed.

  • Extended Glock 34 Slide stop.
  • Vickers Tactical slide stop.
  • Factory Extended Gen 5 ambi slide stop. (35.00 + tax)

Mag releases

  • Factory OEM Glock 21 ext mag release (Fits small frame guns) 25.00 + tax
  • Vickers Tactical CCW/ Carry Extended magazine release 26.00 + tax

Night Sights.  Professionally installed, unlike at “Uncle Ed’s pretty good  Gunsmithing”. Our ranges are littered with the parts installed elsewhere. Every course we run, sights come loose or fall off altogether and have to be replaced because they were not installed correctly at the point of sale, or by the student who is not trained.

At the Front Sight Gun repair, we will not allow that to happen to you! This is why we cost more, we have a process.

We remove your factory sights, degrease the slide and all of the parts. We install the front sight with Red thread locker around the stem, (So if the sight screw ever breaks off the sight stays put and it keeps the front sight centered in the notch in case it is dropped, or hit hard against something)  and then Blue thread locker on the sight screw, center it in the slide with a square, and center your rear sight with a Dial indicator so it is within .003 (three thousandths) of an inch, the width of a human hair, many times we will get it perfectly centered in the slide so there can be no excuses about the sights being “off”

Ameriglo I-Dot Pro high visibility day and night sight # GL-301

  • 140.00 Installed + tax
  • Install customer supplied sights 35.00
  • Fix loose front or rear sight starts at 10.00
High visibility day and night sight using proven Trijicon lamps in a steel sight housing.








You have two options when it comes to the Glock trigger and work that we will perform on them.


1. trigger tune that includes us taking your STOCK OEM parts and enhancing them so the trigger press is much smoother, in terms, it will be lighter and be free of gritty, glitchy and distracting trigger feel. I do not go into detail about what we do inside of the gun as this in house process was developed over 7 years ago by then Armorer and has been enhanced now to make it even better. We change out no parts in this process unless you have sub standard parts installed. We have a demo gun we ask you to try to see if you would like your factory trigger to be tuned. This service can be done before you go to class on the first morning, on a break or drop it off at lunch and takes us about 20 minutes.  COST 45.00


2. Replace your Gen 1-5 Factory trigger with the AGENCY ARMS Flat face trigger and connector, giving you a much shorter and smother take up along with a very short reset.  This has been the only aftermarket trigger we offer for the Glock Pistol. It is above 4 lbs, drop safe, has nothing adjustable in it to fail you by coming unadjusted when you need it.  This is the trigger the FSGR staff use in the Glocks we carry and CCW with.

The Agency Arms flat faced trigger and connector.








Cost is 185.00 + tax installed and tested.


Springfield Armory XD/XDM/ XDS series.

Install and tune Powder River trigger.

Install Ameriglo Sights.

Extended slide stop

Tune / Fix sticking magazines.

Smith & Wesson M&P

1911 Services

Trigger job with *Serviceable factory parts.

Install extended thumb safety

Install extended ambi-safety

De horning sharp edges, controls and sights.



Smith and Wesson Revolvers.

Ruger Revolvers.

AR-15 Services

Remington 870

Hawk 12 gauge

Mossberg 500/ 590/ 590A1

Benelli M1-4

Gun Cleaning and inspection starts a $75.00

Knife sharpening